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Lightening the load

Say goodbye to aching shoulders and chafed collarbones from carrying a backpack when hiking, or walking to work or school for those who carry their laptop with them every day.

Weight is aligned with the body’s centre of gravity. Our unique invention is lightening the load by revolutionising the way we wear backpacks!

Patented innovation

Our team has perfected an ingenious “weightless” backpack validated by several international patents, including the Patent/Brevet 1871708/1873621/1905872.


These patents grant us the exclusive right to use the Gravipack® design on behalf of Gravibag®.


It’s all in the straps

Our innovative straps are equipped with an Alpha N12 rib-shaped insert, which enables weight to be distributed closer to the body’s centre of gravity than a standard backpack, without putting pressure on the shoulders and without affecting mobility when walking.

With this invisible exoskeleton, the weight is squared with the human body’s centre of gravity, so the body’s structure remains free and upright, with a straight dorsal posture and horizontal field of vision.

These straps, equipped with innovative inserts (which until now have not been available on the market), make the bag feel weightless on your shoulders.
It’s an impressive feeling, even with 20kg on your back!

Our prized awards

    • Silver medal at the 2018 Concours Préfet Lépine design fair,
    • Silver Medal from France’s Minister of the Armies,
    • Silver Medal from France’s Ministry of Defence,
    • Une reconnaissance de Start up MadeIN16,
    • Product presented to the Mayor of Paris’ 17th arrondissement,
    • ICC Sport and Nature Innovation,
    • Officially inducted into the FrenchTech community by the Minister for Industry and the Economy..


Tried and tested!

Tested and approved by over 12,000 people (including hikers and urban users) during the Concours Préfet Lépine design fair, and backed up by laboratory and field testing by the French army, our invention is highly practical, reliable and necessary.

Gravipack® hopes to bring this innovation to as many users as possible, and is launching a range of backpacks to suit the needs of every user.