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The world’s first weightless bag

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We are a French company with an international team made up of top-level technicians and engineers.

We practice industrial research and development in the field of innovation and materials resistance, primarily vis-a-vis exoskeletal structures.

Our inventors have created a medical solution for individuals suffering from back/shoulder pain, or those who need to carry heavy loads – such as a hiking backpack, for example. Made available to the general public, our innovation helps avoid musculoskeletal disorders.

At Gravibag® we work to make things lighter, and are proud of the Gravipack® medical innovation.


Our mission?

Helping users to lead a reinvigorated life via conscious actions dedicated to improving back health and preventing scoliosis and MSDs.

Users who’ve tested Gravipack® have been amazed – and instantly converted! Users are immediately won over by our product’s practicality, and the thought we’ve put into innovating to improve each user’s daily life.

Our objective

Our goal is provide the world with the best-quality products possible, not only in terms of aesthetics but also by doing exactly what they promise: allowing users to walk along a path or road, anywhere and at any time, without stiffening up or stooping under the weight of a backpack.

We’re working around the clock with qualified technicians, engineers and doctors in order to constantly improve and expand our range of products, drawing upon their knowledge in order to meet and exceed your expectations with our innovative concept.

This brand is designed for those who, like us, enjoy the finer things in life, take their health and their wellbeing seriously, and like to help others.

People like you!



Whether you’re a hiker, globetrotter, worker, or student; whether you want to climb mountains, the Eiffel tower, or just the stairs to your office or classroom every day!

Gravipack® promises to take the weight off your shoulders!

It’s time to get on team Gravipack®!