BackpackHiking 33


Hiking 33 is made with quality high-tech material to make it fit for any challenge.

Equipped with Gravipack®’s unique and patented technology, this bag will be your back’s new best friend. It features a removable flask, a side strap, a rain cover and a host of accessories enabling you to set off knowing that you’re ready to face any kind of conditions.

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Filling capacity


  • Mixed-use backpack
  • Gravipack® system and technology
  • Stands upright
  • Multi-functional pockets with reinforced zip fasteners
  • Air Flow system in the back for winter/summer wear
  • Innovative carry handle for picking up and setting down
  • High quality, water-resistant and tear-resistant material
  • Reinforced, double-lined fastener
  • Water-resistant and rainproof
  • Hip belt and sternum strap for heavy loads
  • Net pockets for blankets or sleeping bags
  • 3 small zipped pockets for keys and electronic devices
  • Integrated 2L silicone water flask (removable)
  • Inner carabiner key chain so you don’t lose your set
  • Large pocket for your travel papers and documents
  • Easy-reach emergency whistle
  • Waterproof & tear-resistant rain cover
  • Discreet reflective high-vis strip for night wear

No more back pain

With this backpack you can take the essentials and plenty more! Gravipack® is on hand to take the weight off your shoulders.
Its many multi-functional pocket make this bag ideal for hiking and long trips.
Removable flask, side strap, rain cover and a host of accessories enabling you to set off knowing that you’re ready to face even the most difficult conditions.
Made from quality high-tech material, its ergonomic feel makes this a top-shelf backpack.


Technical informations

Backpack dimensions and composition

  • 55x35x25 CM
  • 420d Nylon tech material, tear-resistant under normal conditions
  • 10-year normal use guarantee
  • 37-litre capacity

Easy to open/close

  • Reinforced two-way zip.
  • Netted straps featuring the weightless Gravipack® system
  • Full nylon stitching for greater resistance than cotton.

Special features

  • Inner carabiner key ring to keep your keys in place.
  • Easy-access emergency whistle.
  • Quality waterproof rain cover.
  • Side strap to hold your sleeping bag or sleep mat.
  • 2L refreshing removable flask.
  • Reflective strip - discreet during the day, high-vis at night.

Comfortable wear backpack

  • Ergonomic handle for easy transport and pick up / set down
  • Side strap for carrying your sleeping bag and mat.
  • Adjustable and removable hip belt and sternum strap.

Low price

  • An amazing price for a unique piece of technology that spreads the weight evenly across your back. Unprecedented innovation for the price of a normal backpack.

Customer service & guarantee

  • 14-day statutory guarantee, free delivery to your home address or a collection point.
  • Do not use the inserts in extreme conditions (falls, stunts, extreme sports, high-altitude sports, parachuting, running, high-speed racing, motorcycle racing); avoid impact with the Gravipack® innovation.