BackpackRoad Adventure


Road Adventure is a backpack equipped with the Gravipack® system.

This on-board technology means the weight is aligned with your body’s centre of gravity. This backpack has a USB port connection, giving you the option of storing an external battery and keeping your smartphone ready to go. Featuring a waterproof compartment for computers and tablets, it has a zip-up laptop pouch, a removable keyring so you don’t lose your set, a handy, innovative hard pocket for your sunglasses, a functional waterproof pocket to hold your registration documents and road license, an elastic band to hold your ironed clothes folded and in place, and a reflective high-vis strip so you can be seen at night.

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Filling capacity


  • Connected backpack with a USB port and input/output charging cable
  • Weightless Gravipack® system
  • Reinforced base so bag stands upright
  • Rigid protective side pocket for sunglasses
  • Bag designed for motor biking and all-terrain vehicles - a must-have in your top case!
  • A total of 8 storage pockets to hold your keys and phone battery, even your computer
  • Interior carabiner key ring so you can find your keys in a hurry
  • External laptop pocket
  • Air Flow system for improved breathability
  • Ergonomic carry handle for easy handling
  • Strong, tear-resistant fabric
  • Heat-fused seal to protect your computer and tablet device
  • Reinforced two-way zip
  • Interior elastic strap to hold clothes in place during your journeys
  • Rainwater resistant, inner/outer lining
  • Reflective high-vis strip
  • Hip belt and sternum strap, adjustable and removable to suit the weight you’re carrying

Your ideal travelling companion

This backpack features a USB port, and is the ideal companion for motorbike journeys thanks to its ergonomic shape, its dimensions, its elasticated straps for holding clothes in place, and its high-vis strips to help you be seen at night. Your electronic devices stay safe inside a padded pocket designed especially for this purpose, with an additional pocket enabling you to store your tablet device.
Its various compartments are this bag’s key features, giving you fast access to your belongings. It’s also equipped with a USB connection and an inner/outer cable for staying in touch. This bag is made from reinforced polyester, so it’s sturdy and comfortable at the same time.


Technical informations

Backpack dimensions and composition

  • 48x32x19 cm
  • Bag made from 1680d Polyester Technic fabric
  • 10-year normal use guarantee
  • 23L capacity

Easy to open/close

  • Featuring a reinforced fastener and an ergonomic carry handle. Multi-pockets for your keys, glasses, wallet, computer, charger, telephone, and other personal accessories.

Special features

  • Straps equipped with Gravipack® technology.
  • Features a protective pocket for laptops and tablets.
  • Laptop pocket.
  • Sits upright.
  • Removable key chain so you don’t lose your set.
  • Connected bag with USB port so you can store a backup batter and smartphone.
  • Handy & innovative rigid pocket for sunglasses.
  • Elastic band to keep your clothes folded and crease-free.
  • Reflective high-vis strip.

Comfortable wear backpack

  • Bag’s weight is aligned with the body’s centre of gravity.
  • Innovative & unique Gravipack® straps.
  • Ergonomic handle for easy carrying and pick up/put down.
  • Adjustable and removable hip belt and sternum strap.
  • Air Flow system for greater comfort in both summer and winter.

Low price

  • An amazing price for a unique piece of technology that spreads the weight evenly across your back. Unprecedented innovation for the price of a normal backpack.

Customer service & guaranteeSAV et garantie

  • 14-day return policy, free delivery to your home address or a collection point.
  • Do not use the inserts in extreme conditions (falls, stunts, extreme sports, high-altitude sports, parachuting, running, high-speed racing, motorcycle racing); avoid impact with the Gravipack® innovation.